Tennis Elbow Support

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his tennis elbow support is ideal for various conditions causing elbow pain and discomfort, including tennis elbow, golfers elbow, lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis, and acute elbow pain. It provides mild support while offering relief from pain and tenderness in the forearm.

**SCIENTIFIC DESIGN:** Scientifically crafted to alleviate pain by offloading the muscles of the forearm and elbow, this support features a silicone pressure pad that optimizes compression and reduces strain on the affected muscles, promoting healing and comfort.

**LONG-LASTING & SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL:** Crafted from durable, latex-free, and breathable material, this support ensures longevity and skin compatibility. The material undergoes a specialized finishing process to enhance durability and incorporate antibacterial properties, enhancing hygiene and comfort.

Original price was: ₹280.00.Current price is: ₹250.00.

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**HOW TO WEAR:** Simply tie the support 2 inches below the elbow and adjust the silicone pad over the muscle belly for optimal compression. Secure the strap at a comfortable level to effectively offload the muscles of the elbow, promoting pain relief and support during activities.

**CARE INSTRUCTIONS:** Hand wash the support with mild detergent and water at room temperature for optimal cleanliness. Dry it in the shade on a flat surface to maintain its shape and integrity. Avoid dry cleaning, ironing, or bleaching to preserve the material’s quality and functionality.

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